[GE issues] [Issue 2899] bad RQS syntax can crash/hang qmaster process

crei crei at sun.com
Thu Feb 26 09:37:20 GMT 2009


User crei changed the following:

                What    |Old value                 |New value
        Target milestone|---                       |6.2u3

------- Additional comments from crei at sunsource.net Thu Feb 26 01:37:18 -0800 2009 -------
When I try to create the projects in current 62u2 (maintrunk) system I get the
following error message:

error: unknown attribute name "usage"
error: error reading file: "/tmp/1782-VUVTwk"
cant read project

But setting a incorrect resource quota set still can crash qmaster:

qconf -arqs
   name         abc
   description  will we crash the qmaster?
   enabled      TRUE
   limit        projects !{testProject,testProject2} queues * hosts * to slots=10
1024   7629    worker000     worker000 takes packet from priority queue.
(packet_queue->counter = 0; packet_queue->waiting = 1)
  1025   7629    worker000     GDI ADD resource quota set (host2/qconf/1)
  1026   7629    worker000     got new resource quota set
  1027   7629    worker000     got new description
  1028   7629    worker000     got new enabled
  1029   7629    worker000     !!!!!!! sge_resolve_host: WARNING call with old
lStringT data type,
  1030   7629    worker000     !!!!!!! this data type should be replaced with
lHostT data type in
  1031   7629    worker000     !!!!!!! the future! Nevertheless, just a warning!
Function works fine!
=> crash !!!

Priority P3 is ok since you have to be manager user to setup invalid rqs!


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