[GE users] Documentation in PDF gone?

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Feb 26 20:53:40 GMT 2009

Hi Chris,

Am 26.02.2009 um 21:13 schrieb craffi:

> I actually disagree and prefer the online Wiki and I'm speaking as
> someone who has spent a ton of time printing and binding the various
> versions of prior manuals over the years.
> SGE documentation has always been an issue, mostly because to generate
> the Admin and User guides, Sun actually had to go out and hire
> technical writers to put things together after first spending lots of
> time with the dev team. The tech writers never knew or used the
> product and had to rely on speaking with the dev team.

well, the documentation was written in Framemaker* on Sparc (at least  
5.3 has entries in "Properties" in the Adobe Reader) - not a widely  
used configuration I fear. Having this in something like LaTeX would  
trigger someone from the community easier to step in.

> Invariably this caused a massive lag in the documentation in that the
> Guides would be very very far behind when it came to current SGE
> behavior, configuration and features. Remember how long it took for
> Resource Quota stuff to end up in the "official" docs for SGE 6.x?
> Moving into the wiki removes this 6-month or more delay (or
> potentially does ...) and I think longer term this is of larger
> benefit than losing easy access to book-formatted documents. (Just my
> $.02 of course).

If Wiki and PDF would be the target: isn't there any "meta-language"  
to prepare the docs and generate out of it Wiki and PDF - both with  
nice bookmarks?

*) Is Framemaker still used for technical documentation, it got a  
little quiet about it? I thought the idea of Framemaker and its SGML  
was to create documents out of databases. For the SGE documentation  
this feature isn't necessary I think.

-- Reuti

> I'd be interested in using the wiki to create short booklets or
> cheatsheets. Maybe there is some way we can scrape the wiki articles
> to get text or XML we can turn into PDFs or something.
> -chris
> On Feb 26, 2009, at 3:01 PM, crhea wrote:
>> On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 02:54:00PM -0500, prentice wrote:
>>> I prefer PDF documentation that came with the earlier versions
>>> myself. I
>>> do not like the wiki documentation for 6.2 at all.
>>> -- 
>>> Prentice
>> I agree.
>> While Wiki docs serve a purpose, they seem to be a moving target.
>> I'll take a PDF that I can download and point my users at any day.
>> --- Cris
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