[GE users] functional policy and array jobs

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You are correct, SGE only prioritizes at the job level, not the task 
level.  A job with many tasks will basically "take-over" the grid once 
it is able to run and lock-out any other jobs until enough tasks have 
finished to make grid resources available again.

This is a major pain to me in my application and I have had to work 
around this by making scripts for my users that break each task into an 
individual job submissions. It makes having array tasks pretty useless 
to me accept as that I do use the task number for coordinating the 
separated jobs. I have asked about getting this changed before, but no 
one seems to even want to talk about this so I have assumed I am the 
only one with this problem.

Perhaps someone will talk now, it is quite frustrating.


ate wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have successfully deployed a GE 6.2 cluster with 10 hosts, which was a relative breeze thanks to the excellent documentation available through this site.
> However, I have problems implementing functional policy on the project level in combination with array jobs. Let's say I have two array jobs with each 30,000 tasks, one belongs to project X (60% of tickets) and the other to Y (40% of tickets). The array job of project X will be scheduled first and will finish all tasks before array job of project Y will be scheduled. In practice, project X thus gets 100% of all resources and clogs the queue for project Y.
> I tried to find the answer in the archive of this mailing list but some clues I thought were related did not help me any further. Do I misunderstand the functional policy or have I overlooked a certain configuration? I hope someone can clarify this issue.
> Thanks in advance,
> Ate
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