[GE users] job resource request(s) question

dbarnes david.barnes at zenverge.com
Fri Feb 27 19:56:54 GMT 2009

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I have a situation where I want a job to run if EITHER of 2 consumable resources are available?

For instance, I have 2 consumable resources ?foo? and ?bar?, each with a value of say 4.

The kind of thing I want to do (logically!) is:

qsub ?l foo=1 OR ?l bar=1 my_job_script.sh

I know you can use Boolean expressions in the ?value? field for ?-l resource=value?
but I guess what I?m looking for is a way to do it in the ?resource? field.

I?ve dug around looking at the ?complex? man pages, but does anyone have an idea
how I can do this (or something similar)?


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