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I could not find the s390x architecture.
Should I try to compile the source you provide?

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Subject: [GE dev] [GE announce] Announcing Grid Engine 6.2 Update 3 Courtesy Binaries

Announcing Grid Engine 6.2 Update 3 Courtesy Binaries

                               Regensburg, Germany -- July 02, 2009

We are announcing the availability of the Grid Engine 6.2 Update 3
courtesy binaries. Grid Engine 6.2u3 is a feature update release. We are
delivering a few much demanded features and bug fixes, and complete the
Microsoft Windows Vista support.

What's New

Exclusive Host Scheduling:
Exclusive host scheduling allows users to request that jobs and parallel
tasks run exclusively on a host if allowed by an administrator.

Microsoft Windows Vista Display Support:
With the release of Grid Engine 6.2u3, the display_win_gui feature is
now fully supported. display_win_gui can now be used to display a job
GUI on the visible Desktop, on both the 32- and 64-bit versions of
Windows Vista (Enterprise and Ultimate Edition), and on Windows Server
2008. This feature allows a Grid Engine job to request the
"display_win_gui" complex attribute, which launches a GUI on the
currently visible Desktop on the Windows host that displays job
information. This works only if the job is a native Windows application.

Hedeby Simple Install:
It is now possible to install and run an Hedeby system with only one JVM
per (managed or master) host. Previously, the system was using up to
three separate JVMs per host. This new feature simplifies installation,
configuration and maintenance.

Differences to the Sun Grid Engine commercial version

The Sun Grid Engine binary distribution available from Sun Download
Center bundles the following additional functionality:

Amazon Elastic Cloud EC2 Adapter:
The Hedeby adds connectivity to Amazon Elastic Cloud EC2 and the ability
to flexibly add execution hosts as needed on demand.

Initial Power Saving Support:
A new power saving scheme in SDM enables the creation of a special
resource spare pool in which systems can be powered on or off when added
or removed from this spare pool.

SGE Inspect - Sun Grid Engine Inspect Module:
A new Java based Sun Grid Engine Inspect module allows to monitor SGE
clusters and the Service Domain Manager (SDM). Please send support
questions and feedback to the "users" mailing list of the Grid Engine
open source project.

The source code tarball we are creating contains all of the above modules.

The corresponding source code tag in the CVS repositories have the names

         V62u3_TAG (Grid Engine, ARCo, SGE Inspect)
         V10_U3_TAG (Hedeby)

A snapshot of the sources is available at the Documents & Files page as

Relevant Links



Release Notes and detailed information on new features:

Patch Matrix:

Man Pages Online:

List of fixed bugs:



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