[GE users] License Integration: How complex vars get assigned with the value of free licenses by loadsensor script?

sangamesh forum.san at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 16:40:34 BST 2009

Dear all,

        I did the license integration of Fluent-6.3.26 with SGE-6.2u2
on RHEL4 based cluster with load sensor method.
Later, found that integration is half-way successful - when jobs
submitted with combination of (1) SGE mode and (2) Fluent GUI mode.

i.e. Integration works fine, if each & every fluent job is submitted
under SGE with a request of "#$ -l fluentall=1, fluent=1" in the
fluent-sge submit script.

However, if job is run directly from fluent GUI (without SGE, without
requesting #$ -l fluent...), the complex variables doesn't get updated
with the number of remaining licenses. (Also I think, the complex
variables are not at all assigned with values reported by load-sensor

But the load-sensor.sh shows "number of remaining licenses" correctly:

# sh /opt/gridengine/sge6_2u2_1/flexlm_integrate/load-sensor.sh

Why the complexes not getting updated with the above values?

I understand that, this method of integration should sense the number
of free licenses directly from Flex LM license manager.

Some questions:

The load-sensor.sh script has an infinite while loop. It shows the
output for every keystroke of "ENTER". Is this key-stroke procedure
causing the problem?

Is the output format of load-sensor.sh script correct?

Is the two license integration scripts should reside only in SGE
master host or in every SGE host?

Please help me to resolve this issue..

Thank you


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