[GE users] Installing sge_execd under CentOS

dbarnes david.barnes at zenverge.com
Fri Jul 10 21:40:03 BST 2009

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We are running RHEL-based servers for our Grid setup, but have just rolled one server over to CentOS 5.3

When I attempted to install ?sge_execd?, it failed indicating that it couldn?t contact the qmaster?

Cannot contact qmaster. The command failed:

   ./bin/lx24-amd64/qconf -sh

The error message was:

   error: could not get environment variable SGE_QMASTER_PORT or service "sge_qmaster"

The qmaster is up and running fine and I checked the NIS services on this new machine and everything
appears to be set:

27% ypcat services | grep sge
sge_qmaster     536/tcp                         #grid
sge_execd       537/tcp                         #frid
sge_commd       535/tcp                         #grid

Any ideas?


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