[GE dev] s390x Architecture

uriel01 uriel.carrasquilla at mail.mcgill.ca
Tue Jul 28 22:18:28 BST 2009

> You don't need to have tcsh installed to get qtcsh compiled from
> source. The source directory is: 3rdparty/qtcsh

Ok, I'll try this later.

I went ahead and ran
./scripts/distinst -allall -noexit -vdir sge-6beta2 -basedir /opt/n1ge6 lx26-s390x
./aimk -spool-classic -no-secure -no-jni -no-java -no-remote -no-dump -no-qtcsh

and it worked.  So far so good.  
So I went to my next step to install on the same machine where I am running the above commands.
Since I already have the N1 GRID Master installed in another machine, I thought of installing the execution grid engine in this server.
I see in the README references to a templetate.  I thought I could just install and then through QMON, I could add the information on the Master.

I think I am missing something because the following did not work:
(note: /opt/n1ge6/sge-6beta2 is from my distinst command above)

***764*** [root at lnxcapq:/opt/n1ge6/sge-6beta2] *** uid=0 ***
 # ./inst_sge 
missing program >qtcsh< in directory >./bin/lx26-s390x<
missing program >rlogin< in directory >./utilbin/lx26-s390x<
missing program >rsh< in directory >./utilbin/lx26-s390x<
missing program >rshd< in directory >./utilbin/lx26-s390x<
Missing Grid Engine binaries!
A complete installation needs the following binaries in >./bin/lx26-s390x<:
qacct           qlogin          qrsh            sge_shepherd
qalter          qmake           qselect         sge_coshepherd
qconf           qmod            qsh             sge_execd
qdel            qmon            qstat           sge_qmaster
qhold           qresub          qsub            qhost
qrls            qtcsh           sge_shadowd     qping
and the binaries in >./utilbin/lx26-s390x< should be:
adminrun       gethostbyaddr  loadcheck      rlogin         uidgid
authuser       checkprog      gethostbyname  now            rsh
infotext       checkuser      gethostname    openssl        rshd
filestat       getservbyname  qrsh_starter   testsuidroot
Installation failed. Exit.


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