[GE users] AMD64 and EMT64

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Jul 30 11:43:38 BST 2009


Am 30.07.2009 um 08:56 schrieb mlelstv:

> On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 04:20:26PM -0400, jcd wrote:
>> Is it a simple way to differentiate amd64 vs emt64 without  
>> recompiling
>> the SGE code (no matter what I change in arch script, qhost returns
>> lx24-amd64)
> You can assign a resource to each exechost that distinguishes between
> the different processor models. If you don't want to configure this
> manually a load sensor can do this automatically by checking
> /proc/cpuinfo (on Linux).

the advantage of having it built-in is, that you can have a mixed  
cluster and use the predefined $ARC environment variable in your  
jobscript to get always the correct binary out-of-the-box. This was  
working in a mixed cluster of x86 and amd64:


and you run:


Whereever you land on: you get the correct binary. With the E.01  
release already there are now also different binaries for amd64 and  
em64t - so: what to do?


amd64 and em64t have both 5 characters. So it seems possible to  
change it to em64t in the arch script:

       lxmachine=`awk ' /vendor_id/ { if ($3 == "AuthenticAMD")  
{ print "amd64"; exit } else if ($3 == "GenuineIntel" ) { print  
"em64t"; exit } else { print "unknown-vendor"; exit } } ' /proc/cpuinfo`

to output the correct platform. Rename the three subdirectories in  
"bin", "utilbin" and "lib" to lx24-em64t. Then you will have to use  
something like:

$ find . | xargs -n 1 sed -i -e "s/amd64/em64t/g"

several times in your sge installation (or in a temporary directory  
in case you want both until a

$ grep -r amd64 *

reveals no references to amd64 any more. Output from a patched amd64  
w/o recompilation:

reuti at icarus:~/sge> qhost
HOSTNAME                ARCH         NCPU  LOAD  MEMTOT  MEMUSE   
global                  -               -     -       -       -        
-       -
qhpcg01                 lx24-em64t      4  0.16    7.8G  484.0M   
509.9M  120.0K

(use on your own risk)

-- Reuti


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