[GE users] 6.2u2 qrsh and pipes

adary adary at marvell.com
Tue Jun 2 12:01:03 BST 2009

Hi Harald,

My solution works for me since all our software works from NFS shares, so the log file is written in the same place where it would be written when redirecting stdout directly from rsh.

And I do need -pty y since all the applications we work with cant work without pty (synopsys, magma and similar stuff)

I am looking forward to 6.2u3. Just need to find a way to do a live migration that wont affect 600+ designers :)

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And I can give you an explanation for this behaviour:

You found the issue 3031, see

This bug is fixed and the fix will be in SGE 6.2u3.

Your workaround works because it redirects the output on the remote
host. You could also just submit:
# qrsh -pty yes "$YOUR_COMMAND | tee $YOUR_FILE"
(make sure to use the right quotes for your shell)

The problem with this workaround is: The $YOUR_FILE is created on the
remote host. If it is created on a local file system of the remote host,
you don't have it on your local host.

What you also could do is:
# qrsh -pty no $YOUR_COMMAND | tee $YOUR_FILE

This would redirect the output on the local host, but $YOUR_COMMAND
doesn't get a pty. I don't know if $YOUR_COMMAND really needs a pty, but
usually it doesn't.


adary wrote:
> To answer my own question
> In my setup we always have $SGE_FILESDIR set as path to where the logs should be writted.
> I wrote a simple shell script that I call subme.sh:
> #!/bin/sh
> $* |tee $SGE_FILESDIR/$JOB_ID.log
> When the job is submitted:
> qrsh -pty y -b y .... subme.sh application -params ....
> Works perfectly.
> Cheers,
> Y.
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> Subject: [GE users] 6.2u2 qrsh and pipes
> Hi Everyone,
> I ran into an interesting problem
> Our grid was recently upgraded to 6.2u2, and prior to upgrade all qrsh users were used to use qrsh .... |tee logfile
> And this is now broken. At the same time, -o with qrsh doesn't give us the stdout of the application that runs. Any ideas on how to override this behavior?
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