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Hi Manju,

I'm absolutely not a SAMBA expert, I just configured it until everything 
worked - I'm not sure it this configuration is secure enough and if 
everything is really necessary.

My smb.conf file has these lines:
workgroup          = MYDOMAIN
security           = user
netbios name       = MYSAMBASERVER
interfaces         =
encrypt passwords  = Yes
username map       = /etc/usermap
preferred master   = False
domain master      = False
host allow         =
browseable         = yes
client lanman auth = yes

     path        = /share1
     read only   = No
     create mask = 0755
     guest ok    = Yes

My /etc/usermap file looks like this:
root   = MYDOMAIN\Administrator Administrator
harald = MYDOMAIN\harald harald
user2  = MYDOMAIN\user2  user2

This works for me to get all local and domain users mapped properly. All 
local Administrators and local users can access my shares.
Of course I still have to register the passwords of the users to the 
SAMBA server using the "smbpasswd" command.


manju wrote:
> Hi Harald,
> yes we have created SAMBA share and we are using security = domain,
> all domain users are able to access  share thru SUA. only local
> administrator not able to access, do u need to make any entry on SAMBA
> config file for admin and sgeadmin ??
> thanks
> manju
> On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 11:54 AM, manju a <manju.kudu at gmail.com> wrote:
>> let me give it a shot, i am much clear now....
>> thanks for your help harald... will update you how it works for us...
>> Manju
>> On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 5:05 PM, pollinger <harald.pollinger at sun.com> wrote:
>>> manju wrote:
>>>> Hi Harald,
>>>> Can you please give us some hint on the below issue
>>>> here i am talking about joining  windows server 2008 in to sge6.2 u2 farm
>>>> 1) How we can do username mapping for sgeadmin and administrator users
>>>> in windows server 2008 based machine, even if we specify different
>>>> username map server the accounts will be different will be different
>>>> since both are local account to the particular machine, is there any
>>>> different method to do this??
>>> As I wrote, I wasn't able to set up NFS on the W2k8 server and I doubt
>>> it's still possible. For Samba or CIFS, the file server does the mapping.
>>>> 2) while installing SGE helper service it gives me access dined error
>>>> and could not start, do we need add any thing in the user assignment
>>>> policy.
>>> Where is the binary located? It must be on a local disk, default is in
>>> the Windows directory.
>>> If you log in to the host as the _local_ Administrator and open a
>>> "Command Prompt" window and enter
>>> C:\> cd Windows
>>> C:\Windows> SGE_Helper_Service.exe -install
>>> What does it print?
>>>> 3) for workaround i have copied entire  farm info in to the local
>>>> machine created exact path but i know its not the way to do but any
>>>> ways to read the files using CIFS(makes this connection presistent
>>>> always), NFS mounter not working properly for us (/net).
>>> /net is not a NFS mounter, it's the general network mounter. It makes
>>> all network shares accessible the "network" folder of the Windows
>>> Explorer shows.
>>>> Overall i can say installation remains same almost but some important
>>>> configuration like username mapping/NFS access should be addressed in
>>>> some where in the grid engine site especially for windows server
>>>> 2008/vista etc.
>>> The newest documentation has a chapter for SUA installation where it
>>> also describes how Samba/CIFS shares can be used. Probably I have to
>>> make clearer that this section applies for Windows 2k8 Server.
>>> Regards,
>>> Harald
>>>> thanks
>>>> manjunath A
>>>> On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 11:27 AM, manju a <manju.kudu at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> we have windows based 6.1u2 farm up and running which consists of
>>>>> xp,2003 machine, but we need to add windows server 2008 server machine
>>>>> to farm, as far as i know 6.2u2 will support that OS version, so we
>>>>> are trying to build a prototype of farm with windows server 2008,vista
>>>>> etc but we are failing to connect to username map server, offcourse i
>>>>> am pointing to SFU based username map server as well SUA(windows
>>>>> server r2), even i am able to connect some time but if i went inside
>>>>> "/net"(automounter) i cant see any machine, even if i went inside
>>>>> NFSpath, it gives some strange errors(saying no such a files or
>>>>> directory) Ã??? and very slow in access, it works good under SFU based
>>>>> machine...
>>>>> we have STD's we need keep all our SGE config files under filer paths...
>>>>> thanks
>>>>> manjunath A
>>>>> On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 12:08 AM, agay <agay at cc.huji.ac.il> wrote:
>>>>>> manju said:
>>>>>> Ã??? "but i am failing in connecting to username map server"
>>>>>> Maybe our WinXP/SFU will help you?
>>>>>> http://shum.huji.ac.il/~agay/sge/blog.cgi?winsge

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