[GE users] Slots as a host resource

jagladden gladden at chem.washington.edu
Thu Jun 4 21:36:11 BST 2009

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I recently found this pearl of wisdom regarding slots and queue instances:

"One other oddity to point out is that the slot count for a queue is not really a queue attribute. It's actually a queue-level resource (aka complex). To allow multiple queues on the same host to share that host's CPUs without oversubscribing, you can set the slots resource at the host level. Doing so sets a host-wide slot limit, and all queues on that host must then share the given number of slots, regardless of how many slots each queue (or queue instance) may try to offer."

on a blog  post at:


However, I am not quite clear as to how to do what the author suggests.  Do I simply create a consumable resource call "slots" and give it a value corresponding to the number of CPU cores on the host?

James Gladden

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