[GE users] prolog per pe task?

rayson rayrayson at gmail.com
Sat Jun 6 17:01:56 BST 2009

On 6/5/09, ah_sunsource <ahaupt at ifh.de> wrote:
> prolog scripts and the pe startup scripts "start_proc_args" seem to be
> executed only once per job. Is it possible to start it once per parallel
> job task?

For tight parallel integration, you can look into "exec_job.c" and modify:

   /* do not start prolog/epilog in case of pe tasks */
   if(petep == NULL) {
      char* prolog = mconf_get_prolog();
      char* epilog = mconf_get_epilog();

      fprintf(fp, "prolog=%s\n",
              ((cp=lGetString(master_q, QU_prolog)) && strcasecmp(cp, "none"))?
              cp: prolog);
   } else {
      fprintf(fp, "prolog=%s\n", "none");
      fprintf(fp, "epilog=%s\n", "none");

The code above is writing the job config file, which is to be read by
shepherd later to setup the job's execution environment. I believe all
you need to do is to remove the "if" check and the whole "else" block.


> My problem is that the prolog script can prepare the execution host only
> on the system it is running on. When using mpi jobs, the slave tasks are
> spread over a number of hosts and that way they cannot be prepared
> correctly.
> Cheers,
> Andreas
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