[GE users] Problem in my SGE62u2 config - can't read configuration file: Invalid argument

goncalo goncalo at lip.pt
Tue Jun 9 10:48:51 BST 2009


I have compiled and installed SGE62u2 in SL5. I think I have some 
experience working with SGE, but this is the first time I tried to 
configure spooling using a BerkeleyDB. The installation directory is not 
shared between EXECUTION HOSTS and QMASTER... I do not know if this is 
THE cause of my problem described hereafter, but this configuration used 
to work in SGE62u1 with classic spooling...

When I try to submit a job, I get:

*06/09/2009 10:39:20|worker|sge03|W|job 6.1 failed on host 
wn001.ncg.ingrid.pt general before prolog because: 06/09/2009 10:39:20 
[0:3487]: can't read configuration file: Invalid argument*

and I do not have a clue why this is happening. From the EXEC HOST I can 
easily check the configuration using qconf:

root at wn001 wn001]# qconf -sconf
execd_spool_dir              /usr/local/sge/pro/default/spool
mailer                       /bin/mail
xterm                        /usr/bin/X11/xterm
load_sensor                  none
prolog                       none
epilog                       none
shell_start_mode             unix_behavior
login_shells                 bash,sh,ksh,csh,tcsh
min_uid                      0
min_gid                      0
user_lists                   none
xuser_lists                  none
projects                     none
xprojects                    none
enforce_project              false
enforce_user                 auto
load_report_time             00:00:40
max_unheard                  00:05:00
reschedule_unknown           00:00:00
loglevel                     log_info
administrator_mail           none
set_token_cmd                none
pag_cmd                      none
token_extend_time            none
shepherd_cmd                 none
qmaster_params               none
execd_params                 none
reporting_params             accounting=true reporting=false \
                             flush_time=00:00:15 joblog=false 
finished_jobs                100
gid_range                    20000-21000
qlogin_command               builtin
qlogin_daemon                builtin
rlogin_command               builtin
rlogin_daemon                builtin
rsh_command                  builtin
rsh_daemon                   builtin
max_aj_instances             2000
max_aj_tasks                 75000
max_u_jobs                   0
max_jobs                     0
max_advance_reservations     0
auto_user_oticket            0
auto_user_fshare             0
auto_user_default_project    none
auto_user_delete_time        86400
delegated_file_staging       false
reprioritize                 0
jsv_url                      none
jsv_allowed_mod              ac,h,i,e,o,j,M,N,p,w

Does anyone has a clue of what could be wrong?



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