[GE dev] JGDI Events

ppetosy ppetrosy at loni.ucla.edu
Wed Jun 10 19:41:41 BST 2009


I am using JGDI API to get events from SGE about job status changes.I have successfully subscribed for EventTypeEnum.JobFinish and EventTypeEnum.JobMod events and I do get the events. When I get these events I have two problems
 1. My JobModEvent listener gets the jobId of modified job, but I am not able to get the status of modified job ( is it running or queued or suspended, etc. ). 
 2. With JobFinishLister I get the Id of the job. For this I need to get exit status of the executed job. I am doing following for getting the status
a) I call getJob(jobId) method of class com.sun.grid.jgdi.JGDI
b) I get first task of the job by calling com.sun.grid.jgdi.configuration.JobTask jt = job.getJaTasks(0);
c) Then I call jt.getUsage("exit_status") method and successfully get the status

BUT The problem is when I submit multiple jobs ( hundreds of jobs ), randomly I get NULL when calling getJob(jobId) ( see (a) ). 

What can be possible reason of this problems and how can I get the info which I want ? 

Thanks in advance.


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