[GE users] Assigning Resources per Users

hugo_hernandez hugo.hernandez at loni.ucla.edu
Wed Jun 17 22:53:37 BST 2009

Hello there,
I am working into this scenario in our cluster using GE 6.2u1 and Rocks Clusters 5.1:

- when a user submit a bunch of jobs, a script will assign the 75% of the free slots from all the available slots.  If the number of jobs exceed the assigned number of slots, the remaining jobs will be queued.  At this point, the script will configure on-the-fly a temporary queue for the user who is submitting the jobs as well as a temporary hostgroup.   
- for a second user submitting jobs into the cluster, the same procedure previously described will be executed.
- to get a balanced system to work together with our fair-share policy, we are trying to implement a way to dynamically reallocate the resources per users.  Let's say, if jobs for user A just finishes and jobs for user B are queued, redefine the slots (nodes) used for the temporary queue/hostgroup for user B.

My question is if with the actual version we are using for Grid Engine, are we re-inventing the wheel or if somebody have deal with a similar scenario like the one we are exploring.   We know, the new upgrades for version 6.2 have tools we have not explored but actually what we have in production is version 6.2u1.

Currently, we are using a global resource quota limit for all users to prevent a single user to monopolize the available resources but we are looking for a more dynamic/'sophisticated' way to deal with resource allocation per users.

Any comment will be really appreciated.



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