[GE dev] Unable to contact ...yada, yada, yada

valeriol valerio.luccio at nyu.edu
Fri Jun 19 06:34:52 BST 2009

I have SGE running on an OS X cluster and has been for years. My Linux
box is configured as a submit host and was running fine. I recently
decided to switch from RedHat to Ubuntu, same IP, same hostname. Now I
get the "unable to contact qmaster using port 6444 on host ..." whenever
I try a "qstat" on any other command. It's not a firewall issue (a
"telnet host 6444" gives me a "Connected to host".)

Does anyone have a good way to debug this ? Is there something like a
"verbose" switch that I can use ?

The version on the client is 6.2-4, the master is version 6.XXX (I
forget the exact release, but it shouldn't make a difference in this case.)

Thanks in advance.

Valerio Luccio			(212) 998-8736
Center for Brain Imaging	4 Washington Place, Room 156
New York University		New York, NY 10003

        "In an open world, who needs windows or gates?"


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