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jana jana.olivova at sun.com
Fri Jun 19 11:54:36 BST 2009

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I believe, you have encountered these problems, however I cannot reproduce them (not exactly the same setup, though).

1 and 2) See the screen shot jobs_completed. (see the day field), neither can I see any Exception. Run IE 7, IE 6.0, Firefox, Opera 9.50, Firefox

3) See attached screen shot job_log, again no exception.

I have a

SWC 3.0.2                       on sol-amd64 OS Solaris 10u3
MySQL  - 5.0.70-log        on  sol-amd64 OS Gentoo

So for 1) try edit the query number of jobs completed, so it looks like (the formating is already applied on the VIEW):

SELECT time as day, SUM(completed) as jobs FROM .....

Try to run the same query directly from the MySQL console, to see if it looks the same.

If none of this helps, try using newer version of MySQL.

Either of these errors you have encountered could be related either to bugs in MySQL, (I vaguely remember we had encountered some issues with the version of MySQL you are using), or bugs in SWC on the OS you are using.


Jana Olivova

soeren_g wrote:

Various bugs in ARCo found


we just installed ARCo on a test system and were surprised to find a lot of bugs in such a usefull piece of software ,-)

SGE: 6.2u2_1
JVM: Sun JDK  1.5.0_04
Sun Web Console: 3.0.2
Mysql. 5.0.26

1) Date stamps: All dates in table show up like "Date.asString()", e.g. they look like "[B at b67f7c". This seems to be a general programming flaw - so obvious that I doubt it's really a bug ,-)

2) The reports "Number of Jobs completed" results in an Java exception (as seen in the console debug log) while drawing the chart (pls. see attached screenshot, documents the above bug as well).

18/06/2009 14:37:18|S4BY112|.arcomodule.ChartServlet.doGet|E|error java.lang.ClassCastException
                              java.lang.ClassCastException: null

3) Most strang bug so far...The "Job log" requests works nice when used with Firefox but fails when called from IE 7. For IE I noticed that the server https certificate is marked as invalid although I imported it. The debug log yields:

18/06/2009 14:38:20|S4BY112|rcoServlet.onUncaughtException|E|Encountered an internal exception: javax.servlet.ServletException: The request was not handled by the specified handler "com.sun.grid.arco.web.arcomodule.LateBindingViewBean at f40b08"
                              javax.servlet.ServletException: The request was not handled by the specified handler "com.sun.grid.arco.web.arcomodule.LateBindingViewBean at f40b08"
                                sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor77.invoke(Unknown Source)

So guys...you can do better than that ,-)) Anyways if these are real bugs I am happy to file some issues.

Thanks & regards,
Soeren Gerlach


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