[GE users] (Sun) Grid Engine 6.2u3 changes; was: Status of 6.2u3

andy andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Fri Jun 19 16:13:10 BST 2009


Sun Grid Engine 6.2 Update 3, the Sun branded and licensed version of SGE
will be downloadable from http://www.sun.com/sge from Tue 6/23, the first
day of the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) 2009 in Hamburg.

We will make the courtesy binaries of Grid Engine 6.2u3 available around
7-10 days later. As you know the courtesy binaries come with their own
license terms.

In addition to the new functionality we will be delivering, there are two
important changes coming with this release.

1. Changes to the Software License Agreement (SLA) of the Sun SGE version
Unlike with earlier releases the license does not come anymore with an
unlimited right for production use. Users who did not acquire a license from
Sun will be permitted to only deploy the software for evaluation use for 90

The open source courtesy binaries of the the Grid Engine project will stay
with the same Binary Code License (BCL) license as before.

2. Content changes
Sun Grid Engine 6.2 Update 3 comes with a new module called SGE Inspect.
This is a monitoring tool based on the Netbeans Platform ("Netbeans" is not
an IDE only!, see http://platform.netbeans.org/) and Sun's "VisualVM" (see
http://visualvm.dev.java.net). This is the very first release of a tool
which over time shall replace our dated Motif based qmon. In this release
SGE Inspect is limited to some monitoring functionality. The highlights of
SGE Inspect are:

   - programmed entirely in Java and connecting to qmaster via the JMX
     server embedded in qmaster
   - designed to connect to multiple Sun Grid Engine clusters
   - designed to monitor (and later administer) the Service Domain Manager
     (SDM, project Hedeby) as well

The binaries for SGE Inspect and the new Amazon EC2 Cloud Adapter will be
included in the Sun Grid Engine product. The Grid Engine open source project
courtesy binaries will not contain that functionality. The source code for
SGE Inspect and the Cloud Adapter has been released into the Grid Engine
open source project's source code repository.


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