[GE users] scheduling with load averages ?

dangruhn Dan.Gruhn at groupw.com
Thu Jun 25 14:30:29 BST 2009

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Our customers are usually in the 32 core region.  Off the top of my 
head, here is what we get (in various different situations):

Calendar based resource allocation - During the day, people are using 
their machines and only a single slot is allocated to the grid.  After 
hours, all of the slots of a machine open up.  User can queue up jobs 
during the day knowing that they aren't stepping on anything and that a 
night things really start cooking.

Multiple user negotiation - Chris covered this quite nicely.

Job dependency resolution - Our modeling software runs multiple jobs 
with interdependencies handled by SGE.

Job queueing - When a user has work to be done, a simple script runs 
that queues up everything needed. SGE then just handles it without the 
user having to do anything more.


craffi wrote:
> There are a few general reasons for running SGE even on small or even  
> singular systems. I've seen it used on single machines quite often.
> The biggest one is that it allows multiple users, groups or projects  
> to use the same hardware without having to shout over cube walls or  
> otherwise negotiate access informally. A generic SGE with a simple  
> fairshare-by-user policy works quite well for this.
> The second big problem is that without something like SGE you are  
> either informally scheduling (can be a waste of time or inefficient if  
> different locations and timezones are involved) or you are running  
> jobs in first-in-first-out (FIFO) order.
> The problem with FIFO is that business, project or scientific  
> priorities are not reflected in how resources are allocated. In a FIFO  
> world, the person who gets to work earliest or logs in first via SSH  
> gets the most resources and quite that person is not working on the  
> most important task of the day/week/month.
> I guess my shortest reply would be that SGE and similar products can  
> be of significant benefit on any computer that is used by more than  
> one person.
> -Chris
> On Jun 25, 2009, at 9:01 AM, adary wrote:
>> This might sound like a flame, but I assure you it?s not:
>> What is the point of using SGE to manage a cluster of 32 cores?
>> I believe that managing something that small is easier by hand ?
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