[GE users] Unix groups in access control lists

jagladden gladden at chem.washington.edu
Mon Jun 29 05:05:41 BST 2009

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Thanks - I had not found that man page.


mlelstv wrote:

On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 08:49:08PM -0700, jagladden wrote:

I am trying to restrict access to a cluster queue based on unix group
membership but so far I have not been successful in getting an access
control list to successfully recognize members of a unix group.  As can
be seen below, user "gladden" is a member of the group "core":

[gladden at bonanza sge_test]$ groups
gladden ligroup gaussian vasp core noncore
[gladden at bonanza sge_test]$

According to access_list(5) only the primary group of a user
is checked.


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