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joga Joachim.Gabler at sun.com
Tue Jun 30 11:16:57 BST 2009

Hi Steve,
steve_s wrote:

On Jun 26 11:38 +0200, joga  wrote:

Hi Steve,

I assume this is all about parallel jobs,
running on multiple nodes, but all nodes have to be in one partition.

Yes, exactly.

This can be achieved in SGE by the use of wildcard pes, see the
following mail, where Andreas explains such a setup:

OK, so if I understand correctly, one does not define partitions as such
(like in Maui for instance) and assigns nodes directly to them

    NODECFG[node001]   PARTITION=astronomy
    NODECFG[node002]   PARTITION=astronomy
    NODECFG[node049]   PARTITION=math

but instead defines a queue for each node and groups them together into
arbitrary hierarchies (PEs). Thanks.

You can use hostgroups (see hostgroup.5) to define partitions, e.g:
% qconf -ahgrp
group_name @astronomy
hostlist node001 node002 ...

qconf -ahgrp
group_name @math
hostlist node049 ...

and use these hostgroups to list the pes in a queue - you don't need a queue per node,
you could define such a setup with just a single queue:
qconf -mq all.q
pe_list    mpi_single_node,[@astronomy=mpi_astronomy],[@math=mpi_math]

then you can submit a job with
qsub -pe "mpi_*" 32 ...
and it will get scheduled to hosts in one partition (or on a single host in this example).

Best regards,




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