[GE users] Restarting sge_execd on all nodes

fx d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue Mar 3 13:12:28 GMT 2009

paulu <pcu-m at xs4all.nl> writes:

> Of course I could do some scripting, using 'qselect -qs u' to iterate 
> over all unavailable nodes, but perhaps there is a more elegant way.

You have to remote-shell in some way.  If you have pdsh, this works
(possibly modulo shell maximum line length with lots of nodes):

  pdsh -w $(qselect-node-list -qs u) /etc/init.d/sgeexecd start


  $  cat `which qselect-node-list`
  # Run `qselect "$@"' and produce pdsh-compatible host list 
  qselect "$@" |
    sed -e 's/^[^@]*@//' -e 's/\..*//' |  # host short names
    sort | uniq |                         # unique list
    tr '\n' ,                             # comma-separated (trailing comma OK)


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