[GE users] Limit #of jobs/user in a specific queue

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Fri Mar 6 11:33:39 GMT 2009


Am 06.03.2009 um 02:45 schrieb isakrejda:

> I am running 6.0u11 and shortly I will be upgrading to the 6.2  
> version.
> I ran with a fair-share configuration and no limits on number of jobs
> users can
> rum and or queue.
> We are now looking into setting up a special queue where a user  
> would be
> limited
> to just one job. Can I do that in 6.0u11?

not in an easy way I fear.

> If not is it doable in 6.2?
> We would like to provide a queue where users can easily test their  
> jobs.
> A dedicated short queue is now flooded with jobs of "high share"  
> users and
> others have trouble gaining access. We are looking into what is the  
> best
> way to facilitate testing.

Since 6.1 you can setup an RQS (resource quota set) for exactly one  
queue, means every user would have a limit of 1 for this special queue:

limit users {*} queues test.q to slots=1

But for now you can only limit it by slot (not jobs) with an RQS,  
means that for serial jobs this would be perfectly fine. In 6.2u2 you  
could force the users to request a special complex to gain access to  
this queue, which is "consumable per job" *). Then this setup would  
also work for parallel jobs by limiting this complex consumption  
(e.g. ... to testjobs=1) per user instead of slots.

This would just mean, that the users would need to request a resource  
"-l testjob=1" instead of the queue "-q test.q".

-- Reuti

*) This might need further scripting in the JSV (job submission  
verifier), to ensure that noone is requesting this special complex  
with a value of zero as there are no min-max limits for resource  
requests. Also implementing issue http://gridengine.sunsource.net/ 
issues/show_bug.cgi?id=2091 would help.

> Thanks in advance for suggestions.
> Iwona
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