[GE users] [GE dev] Announcing Sun Grid Engine 6.2 Update 2 feature update release

mhanby mhanby at uab.edu
Tue Mar 10 16:34:26 GMT 2009

I have a couple questions:
 1. Are the files available here
http://www.sun.com/software/sge/get_it.jsp for both open source users
AND those with support contracts? If not, where is the download page for
GE6.2u2 for open source users?

 2. Are these upgrade only from 6.2, or can we do a completely new
install using the 6.2u2 installers. The reason I ask, I've seen the word
'patch' mentioned in reference to these files.

Thanks, Mike

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we are announcing the availability of the Sun Grid Engine 6.2 Update 2
release. We are also announcing a major reconstruction of the SGE wiki
which will lead to better usability and navigation.

SGE 6.2u2 is a "feature update" release. We are delivering a few much
demanded features, scalability improvements and memory foot print
in huge HPC clusters, and bug fixes.

Open source courtesy binaries will be made available next week.

What's new

GUI Installer
Sun Grid Engine 6.2u2 comes with a new GUI installer to simplify the
installation process. The GUI installer enables you to easily install a
whole cluster interactively. To install a cluster, you need to set up
environment in a similar way to an automatic installation.

Microsoft Windows Vista Support
New support for 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows Vista
(Enterprise and Ultimate Edition), Windows Server 2003R2 and Windows

Job Submission Verifiers (JSVs)
JSVs allow users and administrators to define rules that determine which
jobs are allowed to enter into a cluster and which jobs should be
immediately. A JSV is a script or binary that can be used to verify,
or reject a job during the time of job submission or on the master host.

Consumable Resources Per Job
Consumable complex attributes can now be configured as per job. Such
consumables are consumed as requested and are no longer multiplied by
requested slots. This makes resource requests for parallel jobs much
to define, especially when using slot ranges.

jemalloc Library
Linux distributions (x64 platforms) come with a default memory allocator
library which is not as efficient as the open source jemalloc memory
allocator library also used by the Firefox browser. SGE 6.2 Update 2
replaces the native Linux malloc library with the jemalloc library. This
a positive effect on the master host performance in large and high
throughput Sun Grid Engine clusters on Linux and reduces the memory
footprint up to 20%. This will lead to a significant performance

Relevant links



   Release Notes:

   Patch Matrix:

   Man Pages Online:

   List of fixed bugs (not yet updated for SGE 6.2u2):


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