[GE users] number of jobs deployed at once?

udowaechter udo.waechter at uni-osnabrueck.de
Tue Mar 10 23:12:00 GMT 2009

Hello all.

Does GE (6.2u1) have a certain strategy on how many tasks (of an array- 
job) are deployed at once?
We have matlab-array jobs running, and we have a flexlm integration  
pretty similar to olesen's method.

Users submit their arrayjobs with:

qsub -l lic_matlab=1,lic_image_toolbox=1,lic_statistics_toolbox -t  
1-100 ... <matlabcall>

which tells GE that each task requires one matlab license, one image  
toolbox licens and one statistics toolbox license.
Now, we have  
lic_matlab=13,lic_image_toolbox=25,lic_statistics_toolbox=15 free  
licenses, but they are not used.

"why?" on the "qw" jobs says: that "cannot run globally because it  
offers only gc:lic_image_toolbox=-2.000000"

This is strange, because it could run 13 tasks (since 13 matlab  
licenses are available). All other toolboxes have more than 13  
licenses available.

Does GE start jobs in bunches or each task for itself?
I somehow guess the first. Can I configure this behaviour?
I would like to run tasks as soon as licenses are free.

Ah yes, there are enough free hosts.

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