[GE users] Need a queuing system on Mac OS X

rayson rayrayson at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 23:12:42 GMT 2009

Mac OS X versions earlier than Leopard do not support processor
affinity, so make sure you have at least Leopard.

While there are no SGE features that only work on Linux or Solaris but
do not work on Mac OS X, Mac OS X does not support cpusets or thread
binding. Also, the processor affinity support in the kernel is
extremely weak. While on Linux a job starter that sets the processor
affinity mask can handle all your needs, on Mac OS X you can only rely
on the kernel's process scheduler to do the job for you.

As a workaround, you can set the default process priority of the queue
to low. Another way is to only run jobs at night or when the users are
not using the workstations (note that SGE can detect user activity,
and when a user comes back, any running jobs can either be suspended
or migrated)...


On 3/11/09, mad <margaret_Doll at brown.edu> wrote:
> We have several dual-quad core macs in our departments.  The problem
> comes when four or more users start intensive calculations on the
> system.  The console image becomes locked from time to time.  If ones
> watches the monitor, one sees the jobs jump from processor to
> processor.  The jobs don't land on a definite processor and stay there
> until they finish.  I would like to have the console run on one of the
> processors and have the jobs queued out to the other processors to
> prevent the console from locking up.
> I understand that gridengine can work on Mac OS X 10.5.  How well?  Is
> it obvious how the processors are added to queues, etc?
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