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before starting coding I would expect to clarify which IPv6 functions
are needed and on which operating systems they are implemented.

At least the code must work for our supported platforms. Perhaps
we should have the possibility to select which ip framework should
be used in the commlib.

One other problem might be in the utilib where the hostname resolving
is done.

What I don't like to have is plenty of #ifdef statements in the code.
I think it is a good idea to make a ipv6 api which is used for the
various architectures where ipv6 has different function calls.



On 03/12/09 04:35, ron wrote:
> Since we are now trying to work on the IPv6 enablement project on the dev list with multiple developers, I think any other efforts to work on the same issue to either say something now!! Otherwise any laptops or other prices, or money from Google (if we are chosen for the Summer of Code 2009) will not be theirs as it's not independent work anymore!
>  -Ron
> --- On Thu, 3/12/09, rayson <rayrayson at gmail.com> wrote:
>> ...
>>> My preference goes to IPv6 as it crosses my two
>> domains of competence.
>>> Any advices before I start diving into the commlib
>> sources ?
>> I did some work (with Ron) in the commlib... we enabled
>> poll(2)
>> instead of select(2). But then that was back in 2005!!
>> In the commlib, two places that interact the transport
>> layer are:
>> cl_ssl_framework.c
>> cl_tcp_framework.c
>> I believe 90% of the work is in those 2 files, with the
>> remaining 10%
>> or so in qrsh, qsh, rshd, and qmake.
>> I would suggest to start by picking either the standard
>> TCP/IP or the
>> SSL framework, port the functions to enable IPv6 (while not
>> breaking
>> IPv4), and then do some initial testing. When almost
>> everything works
>> and bugs fixed, you can easily apply the changes to the
>> corresponding
>> functions in the other framework.
>> For example, in the TCP framework, we have the function:
>>   cl_com_tcp_connection_request_handler_setup()
>>   {
>>    struct sockaddr_in serv_addr;
>>    ...
>>    }
>> Since "struct sockaddr_in" is an IPv4 data
>> structure, we need to
>> change it to the IPv4 and IPv6 structure "struct
>> sockaddr_storage".
>> Then in the SSL framework, we have the corresponding
>> function:
>>   cl_com_ssl_connection_request_handler_setup()
>>   {
>>    struct sockaddr_in serv_addr;
>>    ...
>>   }
>> So if we just focus on one, the other is straightforward.
>> As for enabling IPv6 at the code level, I read the book
>> "IPv6 Network
>> Programming". However, only the few chapters are
>> useful (basically 50
>> pages), and the rest of the book are just RFCs that you can
>> download
>> from the net for free.
>> And you can google for IPv6 programming, IPv6 porting, etc
>> and get
>> some good tutorials as well:
>> Introduction to IPv6 Programming
>> http://www.euchinagrid.org/IPv6/IPv6_presentation/Introduction_to_IPv6_programming.pdf
>> There are many more on the web... so Google is once again
>> our friend :-P
>> Let us know if you have further questions, and may be we
>> can work
>> together as well...
>> Rayson
>>> Thanks,
>>> Ionel
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