[GE users] queue epilog file not found

remi remi.chaffard at consultant.volvo.com
Mon Mar 23 09:07:14 GMT 2009

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I tried to configure an epilog script in a queue like this:

epilog                /users/re7v67n/caesys.git/sge/nbrights.sh

But jobs finish in Error state wu=ith the following message:

03/23/2009 09:34:09 [13719:5093]: execvp(/users/re7v67n/caesys.git/sge/nbrights.sh, "/users/re7v67n/caesys.git/sge/nbrights.sh") failed: No such file or directory

But the file exists on the nodes, with 755 rights.

Is anybody knows what happens?

We works with SGE 6.2u1 on linux systems.

Thanks for help


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