[GE users] Timeslicing

aaronturner aaron at cs.york.ac.uk
Wed Mar 25 14:20:46 GMT 2009

Dear Users,

We would like to find a way to provide 'timeslicing' of jobs. I.e. if a job has a potential run time of X then and the maximum queue length is Y and X > Y ideally we'd like a way for the job to still be able to run as a series chunks of duration no greater than Y, with jobs checkpointing to ensure restart from a checkpoint file at the end of each slice of duration Y (or shorter).

The rationale behind this is to allow the value of Y to be reduced such that fair share affects user job submission priorities as soon as possible, but still allowing potentially long run times. It also then means that a user could submit a large number of long running jobs onto a quiet system but then the system could respond relatively quickly if a  second user with a high priority and submitted additional jobs.

I can see a number of ways that it might be achieved, but none so far without various side effects.

I wanted to see if anyone else out there in the community had considered this?

The hope would be to find some way of achieving it with the minimum of side effects and the maximum of simplicity for users.


  Aaron Turner, University of York


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