[GE users] SGE 6.2u2 Install Fails "Admin User Missing" on all hosts

petrik lubomir.petrik at sun.com
Thu Mar 26 16:11:33 GMT 2009

mhanby wrote:
> Interesting, after rearranging the code as shown below, it reveals that
> my qmaster is not in the act_qmaster file.
> Looking in the act_qmaster file, it has one entry:
> rocks5-test.local
> Now if I run the command that the init.d script uses to get the
> hostname, it returns the fully qualified name:
> $utilbin_dir/gethostname -aname
> rocks5-test.eng.uab.edu
Did you uncheck the ignore domain names during the installation? What 
was the displayed name in the host table (host selection panel)? The GUI 
installer uses Java to resolve the hosts in order to be fast. I expect 
that rocks5-test.local was displayed in your case and we'll have to find 
out why it differs. Thanks for reporting.
BTW: Check that qconf -sconfl also lists rocks5-test.local instead of 
rocks5-test.eng.uab.edu. If you left ignore domain names checked, you 
have nothing to worry about, since the hosts are treated as the same host.
> Possibly the installer is using a different method to determine the name
> of the qmaster?
> Changing the act_qmaster entry to the fully qualified name got sgemaster
> to start on the qmaster host.
> Mike
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> After install I'm not able to start the qmaster, the init.d script
> doesn't produce any output.
> The command you asked me to run returns 0 (after loading the settings.sh
> to my profile).
> Looking through the startup routine, there's a block of code that
> appears to be backwards:
You're right :-)



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