[GE users] installing sge 6.2u1 for windows

templedf dan.templeton at sun.com
Mon Mar 30 13:30:41 BST 2009

SFU is an API for Windows that looks similar to UNIX.  When we ported 
the SGE execution daemon to Windows, we didn't do a native port; we 
ported it to SFU, which was considerably less work.  In order for the 
execution daemon to function, it requires SFU to be installed.  
Otherwise, it won't run at all.  You will have to install SFU on every 
execution machine.  Starting with Vista, SFU is renamed SUA and is part 
of the base OS.

DRMAA is not currently available on Windows, but could be if there was a 
demonstrable need.  The reason why it's not available is that it would 
also require SFU, which means that the DRMAA library would be a .so 
instead of a .dll.  Because it would be a .so, any application that 
wanted to use DRMAA would also have to use SFU, and no sane person would 
start out writing a Windows application using SFU.  A quick work-around 
is to write a simple daemon that uses RESTful web services to expose the 
DRMAA operations.


emmanuel_messegue wrote:
> Hello,
> I have successfully installed sge on a solaris system with a master host, several execution hosts and several submit hosts.
> Everything is up and running.
> All is well in the solaris world.
> Now, I am trying to install sge for windows.
> I am pretty new to sge and I have a couple of quesions.
> I have understood from what I read on this discussion list that I need to install SFU on the windows host where I want to use sge.
> I don't understand very clearly why SFU is necessary and where and by whom it is used ?
> Execution side:
> Do I need to be a local administrator to install SFU and/or to configure sge with install_execd ?
> Can I use mks toolkit instead of SFU ?
> I have already a mks environment installed and properly configured in my company.
> Submit side:
> Is drmmaa available in windows ?
> Thanks for your help.
> Regards,
> Emmanuel.
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