[GE users] default mail behavior

prentice prentice at ias.edu
Mon Mar 30 19:33:42 BST 2009

I made the changes to /etc/postfix/main.cf as recommended below. Mail
sent from the command-line is working just fine, and I see messages that
it was sent correctly in my mail log on the head node. As expected, mail
to "prentice at host.domain.tld" gets rewritten to "prentice at domain.tld"

However, when I submit a job with 'qsub -m bea', I'm still not getting
mail from SGE, and I don't see any entries in the head node's mail log.
It appears the SGE is bypassing the MTA (postfix) on the head node.

Looking at my main mailserver, I see that it's getting bounced for "too
many hops". Which is what was happening before.

Any other ideas?


darinper wrote:
> While you may not have control over the mail system as a whole do you
> have control over the exec host in your grid? If you do then force the
> rewriting on those machines. If you're running Postfix then set the
> following options and mail will be rewritten to user at domain.com
> myorigin = $mydomain
> masquerade_domains = $mydomain
> masquerade_classes = envelope_sender, envelope_recipient, header_sender,
> header_recipient
> prentice wrote:
>> "If jobs are submitted with the qsub -m a command, abort mail is
>> sent to the address specified with the -M user[@host] option."
>> Is there any way to change the default behavior from user[@host] to
>> user[@domain]? Our mail system isn't set up to redirect mail from
>> addressed to user at host to user at domain. Modifying SGE's behavior would
>> probably be easier for me than adjusting the behavior of our mail
>> system, which I do not administer.


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