[GE users] Batch job running in an interactive queue

templedf dan.templeton at sun.com
Tue Mar 31 13:18:15 BST 2009

A parallel job is neither batch nor interactive.  It's parallel.  In the 
distant past, there was a third queue type: P := parallel.  With the 
addition of parallel environments, that went away.  A parallel job can 
only run in a queue that provides the requested parallel environment.  
If you don't want parallel jobs running in interactive.q, make sure that 
queue's pe_list is NONE.


jewellc wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm fairly new to administering GE (6.2u1) having used it as a user for
> a few years.  I have two queues configured, batch.q and interactive.q,
> which have their respective queue types (and only their respective queue
> types) enabled.  The reason for having these separate is that in the
> future I might want to limit host availability for each queue.  In
> addition, the batch.q queue has an SMP parallel environment enabled that
> uses Linux cpusets to box users into the number of CPUs (ie 1 slot = 1
> CPU) they request.
> To my surprise, having submitted a parallel job using qsub (qsub -pe smp
> 8 myJob.sh), I found that it ended up in the interactive queue.  Surely
> as a batch job, this should not be possible?
> Any help on this?
> Thanks,
> Chris


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