[GE users] Problem Using Advanced reservation

templedf dan.templeton at sun.com
Fri May 1 19:02:02 BST 2009

Are you sure that the reservation is active?  With a 10-minute default 
duration, it's highly likely that the jobs that were running on the 
resources where the reservation was made will overrun their expected 
duration and push the reservation back.  If you're using advance 
reservation, you either want the default duration to be INFINITY or you 
want to enforce a hard or soft runtime.

On a different note, if all of your jobs have the same expected 
duration, the scheduler won't be able to do any backfilling.  You really 
want to encourage your users to set runtime limits if you're using 
reservations (resource or advance).


mikeg64 wrote:
> I have been testing advanced reservation on iceberg we have uncovered a 
> problem
> that prevents our reservations from being successful.
> The problem is this
> 1. I make the reservation using qrsub
> 2. Resources become available and the reservation runs
> 3. I attempt to run my job using the reservation with qsub -ar myres 
> myjobscript
>   the job fails to run because the slots become occupied
> Under the scheduler configuration we have noticed that the default job 
> duration is 10 minutes.
> So what appears to happen is that although the reservation has been 
> made, new job requests come in
> and backfill using the default job time. It therefore appears that this 
> can only work
> if users explicitly specify the job run time.
> It appears that simply increasing the default job duration will not 
> resolve the problem.
> Can you recommend anything?
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