[GE users] SGE 6.2 queue cpu external job limits

emjga matthew.garrett at external.total.com
Mon May 4 11:21:36 BST 2009

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I have a small KSH script CPU_COUNT.ksh that can count the external jobs
It just returns a number which says how many external jobs are been run on the CPU's (slots)
e.g 4
But not sure how to get SGE to run this external Script  and get it assigned to the Variable $external

Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM wrote on 01/05/2009 19:54:14:

> If you can reliably count the number of external jobs on a node, you can
> report that number via a custom complex and a load sensor.  You can then
> set an RQS that says "limit hosts {*} to slots=$myslots-$external" to
> debit each machine for the external jobs running on it.  Note that
> you'll also have to monitor or set a myslots complex for each machine
> instead of using slots in the equation, because the value you're setting
> for slots can't be self-referential.  Do keep in mind, though, that the
> complexes are only updated periodically, every 40 seconds by default, so
> if your external jobs are short-lived, you have no hope of keeping up
> with them.
> Daniel

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