[GE dev] Problem with Drmaa implementation

snasibullin snasibullin at gmail.com
Mon May 4 13:27:45 BST 2009

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Hello, My name is Stas. I'm student from Russia. Sorry for my english.
I do integration UNICORE and Sun Grid Engine using DRMAA. And I try to extend UNICORE in order that use DRMAA. I have a problem with run the job. When I call Session.runJob(), this method return ID of the job, but job can't started, because:

05/02/2009 16:09:04|worker|master|W|job 98.1 failed on host node6.local general opening input/output file because: 05/02/2009 16:07:49 [0:6223]: error: can't open /root/null as dummy input file

UNICORE running under the root user, therefore job also started under the root user. I changed working directory and standard output and error, but this error still occur. I don't understand, what happen then, I call Session.runJob() and why occur this error.

Best Regards!

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