[GE dev] Problem with Drmaa implementation

templedf dan.templeton at sun.com
Mon May 4 14:05:10 BST 2009

The problem has nothing to do with DRMAA.  It's happening when the job 
is started by the execution daemon.  This might help:


It's rather old now, but I'm pretty sure it's still accurate.

That error message is coming from line 743 of 
daemons/shepherd/builtin_starter.c.  It's saying that the input path you 
set was "root|null", and not surprisingly, it can't open that file.  If 
you don't want to set an input path, leave the inputPath on the 
JobTemplate as "".  If you're trying to set it to something, the format 
should be "[host]:path", where [host] optional and represents the remote 
machine to use with file staging.  In the vast majority of cases, you're 
going to just use ":path".


snasibullin wrote:
> Hello, My name is Stas. I'm student from Russia. Sorry for my english.
> I do integration UNICORE and Sun Grid Engine using DRMAA. And I try to 
> extend UNICORE in order that use DRMAA. I have a problem with run the 
> job. When I call Session.runJob(), this method return ID of the job, 
> but job can't started, because:
> /05/02/2009 16:09:04|worker|master|W|job 98.1 failed on host 
> node6.local general opening input/output file because: 05/02/2009 
> 16:07:49 [0:6223]: error: can't open /root/null as dummy input file/
> UNICORE running under the root user, therefore job also started under 
> the root user. I changed working directory and standard output and 
> error, but this error still occur. I don't understand, what happen 
> then, I call Session.runJob() and why occur this error.
> Best Regards!


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