[GE users] Simple question: limiting jobs on a server to number of cores, when you have mtiple queues

yojimbo nswallow at csc.com
Wed May 13 07:43:54 BST 2009

As a follow on to the original question here.....

if I have the setup described below where I have certain nodes in two
queues and set my "slots=" to prevent over-subscription,  is it then
possible to prioritize one of those queues?
For example if you have 30 nodes in a queue and then set up a queue
containing 5 of those same nodes that only a select few people could
access, can jobs to that smaller queue be prioitised over jobs to the other
queue (not kill or suspend running jobs, just ensure no new jobs use those
specific nodes in the main queue until the 'priority job has run).


>jmeagher wrote:
>> Hi
>> I want to have more than one queue feeding a particular machine. How
>> do I make sure that there can't be more jobs running than there are
>> cores on a machine. But that any particular queue can have as many
>> slots as cores on the machine and set the queues to have different
>> priorities.
>Set "slots=X" in "complex_values" in your execution host configuration.
>qconf -me <exechost>

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