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pvdmeer pvdmeer at gmail.com
Thu May 14 09:26:06 BST 2009

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Dear Grid Engine users,

Recently I installed Sun Grid Engine on my own cluster of Ubuntu machines. Previously, with a manual installation under Slackware, I was able to run the example scripts (like pascal.sh). But with my new OS, at this moment, I seem to be stuck. The installation using the apt-get package manager is really a lot simpler. But I may have missed some crucial configuration steps..

My problem is the following. I try to submit a job. This succeeds but when using qstat the job remains pending for infinity. It shows the status 'qw' or 'hqw'. Also when doing a 'ps aux | grep sge': sge_qmaster shows up but I cannot find sge_execd. Somehow, I have the feeling my machines are not configured to be execution nodes. And trying to run sge_execd has no effect. There should be some way to get that daemon running??

Has anyone encountered this problem before? I'd be grateful for any help. Thanks in advance.

With kind regards,

Pieter van der Meer

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