[GE users] assigning tickets with respect to submission priority

madpower prandtstetter at ads.tuwien.ac.at
Thu May 14 13:39:51 BST 2009

Dear masters of SGE,

we are currently having problems with our ticket policy. Let me explain:

A user, lets say Frank, is submitting some jobs, lets say 10, with
priority -50 (using -p -50 in qsub).
Later on, Frank submits another 10 jobs with priority 0.
The idea of Frank was, my first set of jobs is not that important and
should be finished sometimes, but my second set of jobs should be
finished first.
Using priorities only, this would work.

To share CPUs among all users of our SGE, we also use functional shares
assigning tickets.
Now, the tickets of Frank are first assigned to the jobs with priority
-50 and only when there are still some tickets left, they are assigned
to the jobs with priority 0 with the result that the jobs with priority
-50 have an normalized priority greater than those of the jobs with -p 0.

Of course, Frank could assign a lower priority to the -p -50 jobs, but I
can find another setting where a further decreasing of priorities is not
possible (since everthing is limited with -1024).
Furthermore, and more important, the balance between Frank and other
users having all jobs with priority -p 0, is not given anymore.

Now to my question:
Is there any way, to tell the grid engine to first assign tickets to
those jobs with higher priority, i.e., to first assign tickets to those
jobs with -p 0 and only the left tickets to those with -p -50. Now it
seems that the order is dependet on the submission time (which is in my
opinion the worst order of all).

Best regards,


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