[GE users] parallel environments and multple queues

mintman98 antony.cleave.ic at gmail.com
Thu May 14 19:17:38 BST 2009

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Hi all,

I have a small cluster of 6 nodes with some old myrinet 2G cards that I scavanged from a skip (with permission). They work really well but as I don't have a switch, I can only connect them point to point in seperate clusters of 2 nodes. I thought I could get around this by making 3 queues of paired nodes and then get SGE to allocate the nodes at run time but this doesn't work as it allocates nodes from queue 1 and 3 for the same job. I know I can fix this by having 3 different parallel environments but then I'm limiting each job to run on a specific pair of nodes which is not efficient at all.

I have configured 3 queues, queue1,queue2 and queue3 with the respective hostgroups as below and that all reference the OMPI (OpenMPI) PE which is setup to have 12 slots.


I'm pretty sure I must be missing a trick here as I can't be the only person trying to schedule  jobs on groups of nodes that aren't on the same networks.

Any ideas?

thanks in advance


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