[GE users] Some Hopefully Useful Scripts

butters chris at pearit.co.uk
Fri May 15 08:32:47 BST 2009

Hi Everyone,

At the request of some people I've worked with, I've just posted a couple of scripts I've written for SGE on gridengine.info.
Here's some descriptions and links, and I'll attach the files here as well,

-- User Job Stats --
This script calculates either total or average usage for each user over a given time period (week, month or year to date, or a number of days).
It also tots up these figures for the cluster globally, and calculates what percentage of the cluster's potential capacity was actually used.


-- qtime --
This one calculates the minimum, maximum and average times jobs had to wait to be executed over the given period.
I wrote it so people could get a sense of how long they could expect to wait for their jobs to start when the submitted them. These figures were also used as a measure of cluster performance in the SLA for one system I worked on.


-- Queue Job Count --
Simply determines what queues exist on the cluster, then counts up how many jobs each has processed over the given time period.


-- Change Queue State --
A very short script that enables or disables all queue instances on the node its run on.
I've found it useful for quickly knocking out the queues on nodes that are going down for maintenance.


Well, hope these are useful for someone!
If anyone wants any pointers on them please feel free to drop me a line. I'd also be interested to hear any opinions on them or suggestions for improvements.



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    [ Part 2, "user_job_stats.sh"  Application/OCTET-STREAM (Name: ]
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    [ Part 3, "sge_q_state.sh"  Application/OCTET-STREAM (Name: ]
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    [ Part 4, "qtime.sh"  Application/OCTET-STREAM (Name: "qtime.sh") 6.1 ]
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    [ Part 5, "q_job_count.sh"  Application/OCTET-STREAM (Name: ]
    [ "q_job_count.sh") 3.4 KB. ]
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