[GE users] non matching credentials?

pvdmeer pvdmeer at gmail.com
Sat May 16 11:36:13 BST 2009

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Dear GridEngine users,

I've now succeeded in making an efficient single node cluster: almost zero pending time and using the machine's cores to good effect. Now I want to add another node to a queue.

The node is added: It is in the queue and the machine itself is running sge_execd (checked with 'ps aux'). 'netstat | grep sge' reveals some connection to a qmaster:
"tcp        0      0 landfill-desktop:59319  lardbucket:sge_qmaster  ESTABLISHED"
However, 'qstat -f' gives 'au' as the status for this new node.

Checking the messages log it reveals:

05/16/2009 12:19:22|listen|lardbucket|C|denied: request for user "earx" does not match credentials for connection <landfill-desktop,execd,1>

("lardbucket" is the queue master and first node, "landfill-desktop" is the added node, please don't mind my naming scheme ;))

I have no idea how to match these credentials. I explicitly added user "earx" as owner and added him to the "arusers" group, to who I grant access.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

With kind regards,

Pieter van der Meer

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