[GE users] Fair-Share Policy with two projects

madpower prandtstetter at ads.tuwien.ac.at
Tue May 19 08:17:50 BST 2009

First of all, thanks for your fast answer.

> First let me say that fair share never limits resource usage. It only
> tries to balance out usage by sorting the pending queue.
Well, in fact, I do not want to limit the ressource usage but I want to
share it among all users with some precedence for the users of projA.

In our case, projB is not as important than projA. At the same time, the
number of members for projB is not known (and strongly varies between
one to 20 even on a daily basis).

What we would like to achieve is that a fair share among all users is
achieved, i.e., all users have the same CPU time, but at the same time
it should be ensured that jobs of projB never use more than 30% of CPU.
I.e., even in case there is only one user from projA and one from projB
the first one should have 70% and the second one 30%. (Although this
seems not to be fair, it is okay.)

Maybe there is another way to achieve this behavior. Nevertheless, it is
unacceptable, that at any time one or more CPUs are empty - CPU time is
the most valuable good in our company.

So I hope, it is now clear what we would like to achieve.

Best regads,


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