[GE users] Subjob or parent/child semantics in SGE?

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On 5/19/09, soeren_g <soeren.gerlach at quanteam.de> wrote:
> Is there anything like a subjob or parent/child semantics available in SGE? Having worked quite long with LSF/Symphony this was a handy feature, e.g. if the parent job had been killed all the subsequent child jobs have been killed automatically as well if necessary. This of course is only possible if the middleware knows about this relationship between the jobs.

What kind of LSF/Symphony feature is it??

> Is something similar available in SGE? If not what would be the recommended practice to cope with this problem.

I think you can create a "job group"... while it is not a built-in
feature in SGE, this is what you can do:

1) you can qsub a job with the -N option, which gives the job a name.
So you can add something like the at sign (@) before the job group,
giving the job name the format "<job name>@<job group>".

2) if you want to delete a job group, you can pass in a wild card
(*@<name of job group>) to indicate that all jobs in the job group
need to be deleted. I think other SGE commands support wild cards too.

You will not add security loopholes with this job group feature, but
you can add a job submission filter to avoid user mistakes, or avoid
malicious users from polluting the job group's name space.


> My first thought would be to introduce some kind of rigid job naming scheme so that at least one could see the relationship from the job name.
> Please note, that I'm not talking about array jobs, but only simple "one slot" jobs.
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