[GE users] JMX Possible upgrade from SGE 6_2U2 to 6_2U3

petrik lubomir.petrik at sun.com
Fri May 22 14:35:19 BST 2009

Hi Matthew,
see my inline comments.

emjga wrote:
> Folks
> I was taking a idle look at the new Beta 6_2U3
> I see by default JMX is on be default.
> I am not 100% sure what benefit this brings but I believe the 
> following is true.
Not true :-)
> JMX means that every user who want to use the Grid has to be registered.
JMX thread only means there is a java running in qmaster. The 
functionality it provides is only used by SDM (aka Hedeby) and in the 
new SGE Inspect. If you do not plan to use any of those you don't need 
to install with JMX. Also by default only the sgeadmin has necessary 
certificates available  to start SGE Inspect. For SDM you probably need 
to setup keystores for every users.
Also there is a new option to inst_sge -add-jmx that will install the 
JMX for a cluster that was installed without it at any point.

Maybe you exchanged JMX and CSP mode? If you have a cluster with CSP 
would have almost no administrative overhead since you already have 
certificates for all the users.
> For a site like mine that has lots of Students that come in for small 
> Research projects it is going to be a lot more work to configure the 
> users into SGE
> never mind to remember to remove then when the leave.
> Is it possible to install JMX but not have to do the configure part 
> for all the users.
> i.e just as a normal 6_2U2 install with out JMX and any user can 
> submit jobs etc
JMX does not affect submitting of the jobs. If it's not installed you 
can't use SDM and SGE Inspect, that's it.
> My only real reason for going down the JMX route would be use the new 
> Inspect module which looks promising
Good idea :-). By default only qmaster has certificated for root and 
sgeadmin. Meaning after the installation you should be able to start SGE 
Inspect form qmaster host either as root or sgeadmin. If you don't want 
to allow normal users to use SGE Inspect, you don't need to do any 
additional setup. If you want you need to do the same as for CSP mode.
> If JMX is the way to go how to upgrade a current 6_2U2 install to 
> include JMX
> I would guess it will have to be a complete re-install including doing 
> the Exec / submit nodes
You just save the current setup and either install new version in 
parallel with the same configuration (for testing in advance) or 
directly upgrade the production system.

For more information see:

Hope it helps,
> Any thoughts on the above.
> Matthew
> p.s Sorry for asking so many dumb questions , the joy of been a first 
> timer for SGE
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