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Mon May 25 18:40:42 BST 2009

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I installed gettext-devel and intltool but I'm getting the same output. I was thinking about removing the flag from aimk the same way as Werror but I'm not sure if is the wisest thing to do. Is there any other package that contains lintl? and what exactly is it?

I saw a guy on the mailing list with the same problem but under SPARC but the thread didn't said how he solved it.

2009/5/25 Samir Gartner <jigzat at gmail.com<mailto:jigzat at gmail.com>>
Nothing yet.

This is the end of output,  there was nothing out of the ordinary before this:

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lintl
collect2: ld devolvió el estado de salida 1     <<< This means something ld returned like exit state 1
make: *** [test_sge_object] Error 1
not done

Should I put the rest of the output?

2009/5/24 rayson <rayrayson at gmail.com<mailto:rayrayson at gmail.com>>

Yes, it's related gcc treating warnings as errors. You can remove
"-Werror" from the CFLAGS in aimk (around line 1361).

I think we will add a new aimk flag to disable treating warnings as
errors in future.


On 5/24/09, Samir Gartner <jigzat at gmail.com<mailto:jigzat at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Hey Rayson thanks for the answer. I tried to build sge with your
> instructions both with java and without it but I couldn't, although the
> output is different. I think it has something to do with
> --disable-gcc-warnings using that option with ./configure allowed me to
> built torque under YDL/PS3 it was also necessary to build it under Mac OS X,
> but I don't know how to enable that under aimk.... I mean if that is the
> problem.
> This is the output:
> The spanish errors at the end means something about "breaking the law of
> strict alias" but it's baddly translated to spanish so I'm not quite sure
> how to translate it back.
> ../common -I../libs -I../libs/uti -I../libs/juti -I../libs/gdi
> -I../libs/japi -I../libs/sgeobj -I../libs/cull -I../libs/rmon -I../libs/comm
> -I../libs/comm/lists -I../libs/sched -I../libs/evc -I../libs/evm
> -I../libs/mir -I../libs/lck -I../daemons/common -I../daemons/qmaster
> -I../daemons/execd -I../daemons/schedd -I../clients/common -I. -fPIC -c
> ../libs/uti/sge_bootstrap.c
> gcc -O3 -Wall -Werror -Wstrict-prototypes -DUSE_POLL -DLINUX -DLINUXPPC64
> -I/usr/loca/BerkeleyDB.4.7/include/
> -I/usr/local/src/gridengine/source/3rdparty/gettext/LINUXPPC64/include
> -D__SGE_NO_USERMAPPING__ -I../common -I../libs -I../libs/uti -I../libs/juti
> -I../libs/gdi -I../libs/japi -I../libs/sgeobj -I../libs/cull -I../libs/rmon
> -I../libs/comm -I../libs/comm/lists -I../libs/sched -I../libs/evc
> -I../libs/evm -I../libs/mir -I../libs/lck -I../daemons/common
> -I../daemons/qmaster -I../daemons/execd -I../daemons/schedd
> -I../clients/common -I. -fPIC -c
> ../libs/comm/cl_connection_list.c
> cc1: warnings being treated as errors
> ../libs/comm/cl_connection_list.c: In function
> ?cl_connection_list_remove_connection?:
> ../libs/comm/cl_connection_list.c:214: aviso: la
> dereferencia de punteros de tipo castigado romperá las reglas de alias
> estricto
> ../libs/comm/cl_connection_list.c: In function
> ?cl_connection_list_get_elem_endpoint?:
> ../libs/comm/cl_connection_list.c:581: aviso: la
> dereferencia de punteros de tipo castigado romperá las reglas de alias
> estricto
> make: *** [cl_connection_list.o] Error 1
> not done
> Apparently I need Java according to the Globus Tutorial. The instructions
> recommend to remove the default Java Installation that comes with Fedora and
> install Sun's Distribution but there's no Sun's Java official distribution
> for YellowDog, not even for PowerPC ..... am I right?
> 2009/5/23 Rayson Ho <rayrayson at gmail.com<mailto:rayrayson at gmail.com>>
> > This is because your Java related path settings are not set up
> >
> > properly in aimk.site. To build SGE without the external dependencies,
> > you can try the following steps:
> >
> > 1) ./aimk -no-dump -only-depend
> > 2) scripts/zerodepend
> > 3) ./aimk -no-dump depend
> > 4) ./aimk -no-dump -no-jni -no-java -no-secure -spool-classic
> >
> > However, if you need the DRMAA Java binding, you will need to take
> > away the "-no-jni -no-java" flags in step 4, and install a JVM and the
> > Java compiler, dev libraries, and include files (mainly jni.h).
> >
> > Let me know if you encounter other problems...
> >
> > Rayson
> >
> >
> >


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