[GE users] Putting e-mail address in a variable inside script

olesen Mark.Olesen at emconTechnologies.com
Tue May 26 12:49:47 BST 2009

> We are using SGE 6.1 right now, so that feature is not included in it.
> We may upgrade the version, but not yet.
> Any other ideas or suggestions?

At our site, all of our job scripts are generated and submitted via a Perl wrapper. This approach makes it fairly easy to add arbitrary substitutions to the job script.

Reduced to the essentials, the Perl scripts have the following:

# 1. Precalculate things and other stuff ...

# 2.
# define content for shell script - see __DATA__
my %var = map { $_ => $config{$_} } grep { /^[_A-Z]+$/ } keys %config;

# 2b.
# To make something like this work for your case, you'd need
# something like logic as well:

# 3.
# build shell script -  simple substitutions
my $template = do { local $/; <DATA> };
( my $shell = $template ) =~ s/%{\s*([_A-Z]+)\s*}/ $var{$1} || '' /eg;

# 4.
# submit to qsub
    local *STDOUT;
    open STDOUT, "|-", @qsub or warn "cannot open command\n";
    $|++;                     # unbuffered
    print $shell;

# ------------------------------------------ end-of-perl
# This is part of the Perl script, but is treated as a
# data file
# <gridengine>
# =======================
# standard start options, standardized job-name/output
#$ -S /bin/sh -cwd -j y -N %{JOBCLASS} -o %{JOBCLASS}.o$JOB_ID
# Example with dynamically substituted email
# =======================
# </gridengine>
# <environ>

# possibly override env variables:

echo "hello World


I hope this helps give you some ideas.


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