[GE users] Some Hopefully Useful Scripts

butters chris at pearit.co.uk
Tue May 26 22:10:40 BST 2009

Hi Guy,

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, I was away last week.

I got very similar errors on my system a couple of times. I traced it back to these qacct calls;

USER_TOTAL_WALLCLOCK=`qacct -o "$i" -d $DAYS | grep "$i" | tr -s " " "\t" | cut -f 2`
			USER_TOTAL_CPUTIME=`qacct -o "$i" -d $DAYS | grep "$i" | tr -s " " "\t" | cut -f 5`

I found that, for one user, SGE hadn't caclulated the totals that should be displayed with the 'qacct -o UserName -d Integer' command. This left the script with null values for these two variables, causing all the 'integer expression expected' and 'non-numeric argument' errors. These errors are why some of the figures aren't calculated at the end as well.
I never did find out why these figures weren't coming up in qacct - it suddenly fixed itself the next morning and hasn't happened again since!

In your case, the best way to figure it out would be to run the script like this:

  bash -x user_job_stats.sh 1000 total

This'll produce tons of output, so make sure your terminal window is storing lots (I set my Putty sessions to '99999' lines when I'm doing this) of history. The first step is to locate which users this occuring for, or see if it's all of them, then I usually pick a random effected iteration on the for loop and step though the debug output to workout what's going on.

If you like, post the debug output for one iternation of the for loop here and I'll see what I can make of it for you.

Hope this helps,


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